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Pre-Sub Questions

Summary of questions asked at
the Pre-Submission Consultations

Pre Submission Consultation meetings

Public meetings were held in four locations within the village during the Pre-Submission Consultation period for the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of those meetings was to provide an exhibition of boards setting out the thinking behind the Plan, followed by a presentation which sought to provide further background information. This process was designed to enable residents who attended to make an informed representation of their views to the Steering Group. Some of the meetings became heated. The meetings all followed the same format, save for the last one when an independent Chairman was used to ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum and that everyone who wanted to had a chance to ask a questions. They were not in themselves part of the consultation and gathering of views. As part of the presentation questions were taken and answered. This record of those questions is made available as it may be of interest to those who attended. It is not intended as a formal record of proceedings, and in some cases where similar questions were asked, duplication was not recorded.  

Summary of questions asked at Pre Submission Consultations

13 March 2014. Meeting at the Pavilion  11 attendees
During the third round of community engagements in the village centre, it was alluded to that options would be presented. Now there only seems to be one option. Where are these options
Will the Plan require changes to the settlement boundary
Does the Care Home count towards the target number of new dwellings
How is phasing achieved, is it fixed in the Plan
Is there a date by when the houses have to be built

20 March 2014  Meeting at the Mead End Inn  23 attendees
What is Plan B, what will be done to prevent traffic congestion along Anmore Road
Why present this to residents before the consultation period has ended
Is there confidence in the evidence e.g. the flooding maps do not mirror real life experiences
How does the Vision for Denmead marry with the use of the DWMH garden which is a village asset
Would residents of old persons dwellings at DWMH be tolerant of Hall activity
Will the drain infrastructure be able to cope with extra dwellings and what use will be made of the DWMH car par

24 March 2014  Community Centre  47 attendees plus 1 reporter
Anmore Rd residents park on the road, what will the junction with Hambledon Rd look like
Will the infrastructure be able to cope with run off from Carpenters onto Anmore Rd
Why not have old persons bungalows in place of the new Memorial Hall
What will the density of housing be, Indications are for low density housing,
What will happen to additional planning applications over and above that allocated in the NP
What is the access to the site at Firgrove
Will there be more expansion to the village in 2031 and beyond
What can be done through the NP to improve the condition of the roads
If the Plan fails, how will WCC (or developers) decide the allocations
Why aren’t current applications being counted
Do Traveller sites count towards the target number of new dwellings
Concern over sewer infrastructure, the pumping station cannot cope
There are now active springs in Carpenters, how will this affect the groundwater levels
How will additional building contribute to village wellbeing
What influence does NP have on parking in the new developments
What plans are there for Winchester College land adjacent to carpenters
What housing density is proposed at Carpenters Field
To get the density on the sites, would NP accept a lower standard of housing. e.g terraced

5 April 2014 Ashling Pavilion 80 attendees

An exhibition was held at the Ashling Pavilion between 9.00 – 11.00am on Saturday 5 April. Residents were able to come and ask questions prompted by the material on display and then to leave. As such it was difficult to get an accurate count of those who attended. An ad hoc presentation was made during the last hour but this was not recorded.

11 April 2014
All Saints Church Hall 160 attendees

Why do a neighbourhood plan
What number of residents took part in the consultation surveys
Pre submission consultations were not well publicised, only heard by accident
Process is fundamentally flawed
Who made the decision on what was sensitive . Landscape sensitivity is subjective and not all factual
Can evidence be challenged
Were you aware of great crested newts in carpenters field
Look at the acquifier maps and not just those for risks of river or surface flooding
What was being done to address flooding in Anmore Rd. Water is still running down Anmore Rd even after a dry period
Did you know that the pumping stations at Goodmans has reached its capacity
Drainage infra is inadequate and any new development will simply tap into the existing
Is the Gap a Gap or not
Flood area needs to be challenged and not built upon
Residents have put some investment into their houses and didn’t want the flooding issues to be made worse
When do all the comments on the pre sub plan have to be received
If the green space associated with the memorial hall is lost, then so is the hall. The Hall would sooner buy the land themselves than to lose it
Car park in Anmore Rd for 20 cars will be inadequate
Will new village green be larger than what we already have
What is being done to address the 20 acre shortfall in open/recreation space
How many votes are needed to win the referendum, and what is the date of this
Do you want to make any comments on the WYG (Maple Drive) exhibition
If building in the gap addresses the shortfall in recreation space, is it worth it
Concerns over the procedure of the SG, e.g allowing Cllr Scholey to include this land
Notice of consultation meetings too short and not well publicised
Will you be getting independent report on drainage and pumping station capacity
Consultations are ineffectual
Any councillor who benefits should not remain as a councillor
Can we extend the consultation period
Why not use a questionnaire for people’s views
Can you withdraw comments and resubmit
Communications strategy should be a push and not a pull strategy
Why was Inhams Lane site and Malmains not finally included in the Plan

14 April 2014  Community Centre  105 attendees

How does the proposal south of Maple Drive fit into the NP
Why not have a road circling to the north of the village to take the traffic
What are the plans for Anmore Road parking given the narrowness of the road
Will Old River count towards the allocations
Will a new central government change all of this
What will the Plan do to address the surface water and sewerage problems in Anmore Rd
Why has SG ignored the views of residents, are they that arrogant
Is this an already done deal or will the views of residents be taken into account
How will the Plan address the shortfall of open space/ recreation
Will the Plan be able to control those sites due to come forward in later years
Can you give an indication of what will happen if the Plan fails
How will the schools cope if all the new dwellings have 2.4 children
What is the timeframe by when the Plan needs to be inplace
How will the Plan achieve the depth of sports facilities available and is there a need for an all-weather pitch
If I don’t support Kidmere for development, what is my other choice
What is wrong with putting development elsewhere and having traffic come through the centre of the village
Was there a second or third favoured site
Why exclude land to the south of Forest Rd, it is not too far to walk to the village centre
What happens if there is an issue with the process earlier in the Plan, eg at Inspection
Will the proposed lorry parking increase the size of traffic coming through the village.

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