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About Neighbourhood Plans

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A number of Neighbourhood Planning guides have been produced by organisations involved with community led planning - these provide guidance regarding how a Neighbourhood Plan can be developed to help deliver what the community needs:

Making the Most of Community Led Planning
- a report by Action for Market Towns, ACRE and CLG (1.17MB PDF)

The Power of the Plan
- a report by Carnegie UK Trust (1.34MB PDF)

An introduction to neighbourhood planning
 - from the Communities and Local Government (CLG) website

Neighbourhood planning regulations Consultation
- from the CLG website

'DIY SA': Sustainability Appraisal of neighbourhood plans
- By Levett-Therivel sustainability consultants

Draft National Planning Policy Framework
- from the CLG website

Further information on neighbourhood and community planning can be found on the Communities and Local Government
website, and also on the Design Council website.

Readers my find the Planning Jargon Buster

The Village Design Statement
is available from the Parish Council's award-winning website.

Please keep checking this section as links will be continually added.

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