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Welcome to the Denmead Neighbourhood Forum Website

The Denmead Neighbourhood Forum is a group of Denmead residents

who are committed to updating the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan.
The Neighbourhood Plan update expands the plan to 2039.

"It is our future and it is still in our hands"


The Denmead Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' in 2015 and ran from 2011 - 2031
As part of the Government's forward planning it is necessary to periodically review and extend all local plans.
Consequently Denmead Parish Council has formed a new Working Party to carry out the review to extend the
Denmead Neighbourhood Plan to 2039.

Several members of the public have already joined the new Steering Group.

There is an email list which residents can join to get progress reports.

Latest on the Website

17th July 2022 - Notes of SG Meeting of 04/07/22 added to Notes Page

11th April 2022 - Notes of SG Meetings added to Notes Page

11th April 2022 - Project Plans and SG ToR added to documents page

11th April 2022 - Pen-pictures of Steering Group added.

30th March 2022 - EMail list set up

17th March 2022 - About us pages updated and Steering Group

pen pictures started.

17th March 2022 - Twitter and Facebook page reinstated.

28th February 2022 - Website updated at the start of the Plan update.

28th February 2022 - Old DNP website available under the Archive tab.

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