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There have been a number of consultation exercises in the village during the course of the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan development.

Consultation One was during the autumn of 2012 and consisted a postcard sized questionnaire asking for people's likes and dislikes about the village - the results can be seen on the Consultation One Page.

Consultation Two took place in early 2013 and centred in and around the old Nat West Bank in the village.  Over a period of weeks villagers were asked to indicate their preferences on a number of different topics.  The Consultation  Two Page gives the results.

Consultation Three "
Options for allocation of development" took place in August 2013 at the old Bank, on the play area by the Old Barn at Little Corner, and for the first time on this website.  The Consultation Three page shows what was asked, the results will be published when analysis is complete.

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