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Welcome to the Denmead Neighbourhood Forum Website

The Denmead Neighbourhood Forum is a group of Denmead residents who are committed to producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Denmead.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important opportunity for our community to write our own plan for the development and redevelopment of the village over the next 20 years.

"It is our future and it is in our hands"


Yes votes:  1546
No votes:     785
Void Votes:      6 

Latest on the Website

10th April 2015 - WCC Decision Statement Published - Click Here

6th March 2015 - Press Release - Click Here

5th March 2015 - Referendum Result - See Above

26th February 2015 - CHAIRMAN'S Run up to Referendum REPORT Click Here

26th February 2015 - Copies of the Update 1 and Update 2 Leaflets posted - Click Here

11th February 2015 - Two sets of Steeering Group Minutes Posted - Click Here

27th January 2015 - Winchester CC announce Referendum Date - Click Here

The final version of the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan together
with the relevant Referendum documentation can be found on the above link.

11th January 2015 - Minutes of 2nd December 2014 Steering Group - Click Here

19th December 2014 - The Independent Examiner's Report Published by Winchester CC - Click Here

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