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Chairman's Report Feb '15

Run up to Referendum
THURSDAY 5th March
As we approach Referendum Day it is not surprising that some interests, both commercial and individual, are coming forward to promote their particular view on the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan.
Residents are reminded that within the Neighbourhood Plan legislation, wherever there is a Parish Council, only they can make a  Neighbourhood Plan. Any other attempts to do so will be ruled invalid by the Department of Communities with whom they have to be registered.
Furthermore, if a Developer comes up with alternative views, without any consultation, ask yourself, whose interests will best be served by it – yours or the companies involved?
The Denmead Neighbourhood Plan is not just about housing.  It protects the Denmead Gap; promotes the use of the shops in our village centre; provides a care home facility; extra open space; a Multi-Use Games Area [MUGA]; promotes businesses, etc.
Saying “No” to more housing is not an option.  We have to have 130 more dwellings and the Plan allocates the sites, based on the evidence, delivering 10 small sites plus Carpenters Field and Little Frenchies Field which, of course, is already built. If the Referendum is not passed by residents then you should be aware that, in the Winchester District [including Denmead], any small site of less than ten houses will not be counted in the overall target housing figures [see Winchester City Council's draft Local Plan Pt 2 page 13].  This will lead to significant increased housing numbers in Denmead, over and above the required 250 homes.
Finally, on behalf of the Steering Group and the Parish Council, I would like to thank the people who have given their time and expertise to work on the Plan and the many residents who have contributed their views. This is GOOD PLAN and will serve Denmead well in the coming years.  Thank you for your support.
Neil Lander-Brinkley
Chairman, Denmead Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.
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